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We live in Paradise!

It is true! We live in Paradise, or as close to it as can be achieved. We are so lucky this summer (so far) to be on the coast away from all the fires burning up the forests in so many areas of BC. As one who celebrates nature and this year having more of a focus on trees, I know I would be devastated if I saw my forest burning. Touch wood (hug a tree!) that it doesn't happen here.

At the Salt Spring Gallery we are having an opening next Friday, August 25th, 5 - 7 pm, for the gallery's 8th Anniversary Show. We chose Paradise for the name of the show because so many visitors to the gallery tell us how lucky we are to live here in this island paradise. The show will run until September 5th, 11 - 4 pm daily.

A Slice of Paradise  48" x 24" acrylic on canvas

This painting I did a few years ago called 'A Slice of Paradise' (acrylic on canvas, 48" x 24")

fits the theme although it is of a garden in New Zealand, another land of enchantment. The birds of paradise plant is awesomely oddball and riotous in colour alongside the pink flowers of the cineraria. Cineraria is perhaps considered a bit of a weed in some gardens in the north of New Zealand but comes in so many colours that I love its joyfulness. I am always drawn to plants that volunteer in gardens and require little attention. In Canada, I think cineraria can only be grown as an annual or a house plant.

I've posted pictures of my two latest 12" x 6" treescapes below, featuring aspects of life here in paradise......

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