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Winter Solstice Gift Shop

We have created a gift shop at the Salt Spring Gallery. In our show room we now have a delightful collection of smaller works, all priced under $200. This has created more space in the main galleries for more and larger works by the gallery members. We will be open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 - 4 until December 28th.

In the gift shop we have some superb small original artwork, awesome bead work by Carol Newmeyer, felted and stained glass pieces by Rachel Vadeboncoeur and beautiful, cozy hats and scarves by Ilse Leader. As well there are prints on canvas, paper, wood or tile by gallery members while three guest artists have brought more jewellery, masks and other curiosities.

I have created a selection of totes, some with prints on them and some made out of fabric I batiked many years ago to make skirts and have now decided to repurpose. I am also selling the last few batik skirts from that long ago era of being a seamstress.

The Story Behind the Skirts

Between 1978 and 1985 Susan Haigh made 1000 batik skirts. Made of 100% cotton, the wrap around skirts fit all sizes, lasted well and are still found in some people's closets. She sold the skirts at the Art Show and the Loom Room in Ganges and at Mattick's Farm and a boutique called Rica`s in Victoria. Her small home based business supported her in the days when rents were low and the living was easy.

Although successful, Susan did get very tired of the noise of the sewing machine and repetition of the tasks. She vowed to quit when she reached 1000 skirts.

The skirts displayed here are the few that were unsold after her last season. They are an interesting dip into the past and because some have minor imperfections they are retro priced, ignoring the inflation of the last 40 years. With the increased cost of fabric, dyes and wax along with the cost of living, it would be hard to create these skirts profitably without charging close to $100 today.

In August the Gallery had a fundraiser show in support of the Georgia Straight Alliance and their work to protect the Orcas. For the show, I created a tshirt print that says; The Salish Sea - Love Protect Cherish. I have some of the tshirts for sale in the gift shop.

After doing the print design I wanted to see it in colour so I did a 16" x 16" painting. It shows how much I love this watery world where I live.

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