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Art accepted into 3 juried shows - Summer 2020

This is the year I am sending my paintings out to a bigger audience. So far I have work accepted into 3 art exhibitions.

The first is my painting 'Tranquility' which was accepted into the Federation of Canadian Artists show 'Landscapes' at the Federation Gallery. This show opened on June 15th and runs until July 12th.

The Federation Gallery at 1241 Cartwright St in Vancouver has reopened. Monday - Saturday

10 AM - 4 PM


10 AM - 3 PM

Description of the exhibition: Once a year we mount an exhibition that speaks to the tradition of landscape painting within the country and within our organization, founded in 1941 by members of the Group of Seven. As long as there have been artists on these lands, from time immemorial, artists have worked to capture our longest standing muse and inspiration, the landscape. Journey into the wilderness at

Tranquility oil on canvas 36" x 36" at the Federation Gallery

The second painting accepted is 'Connected' for the Federation of Canadian Artists show 'Painting on the Edge' at the Federation Gallery.

This show runs from July 13th to August 2nd.

Painting on the Edge is an annual challenge for artists worldwide to push their boundaries, test their media and engage their audiences through dynamic subject matter, innovative media application and progressive stylistic approaches. Artists are encouraged to try something different in their practice or communicate deeper messages and emotions in their pieces.

Connected acrylic on canvas 33" x 38"

The third painting accepted is 'Blossom Smoke' which will be in the Sooke Fine Arts Show. This will be an on line exhibition which runs from July 23rd to August 3rd.

Blossom Smoke oil on canvas 24" x 24"

About the Sooke Fine Arts Show

The Sooke Fine Arts Show provides the opportunity for the finest artists from Vancouver Island and BC’s coastal islands to showcase and sell their work. The Show, which is celebrating its 34th anniversary in 2020, is Vancouver Island’s longest-running juried fine art show.

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